Blackspot not brand. The culture jammers who don't like brands, logos and advertisers have come with one simple visiual device. A blackspot. Draw a round of black ink on any brand logo you care to mention to show your anti support.In another recent execution a couple of artists Dempf and Steinbrener in Vienna covered brand signage in a Vienna street with bright coloured yellow as part of a two week project entitled "Delete". They were rebelling against 'too much advertising in our streets'. In the US people are exposed to 3000 messages a day with only 142 in products and categories that maybe of interest to one person, in the UK about 1500 and in the US one in four children utters a brand name as their first recognisable word. OK so let's make sure we are talking about the right problem here. This is not about whether we need advertising or not this is about advertising 'pollution'. I would be the first to agree that there is too much advertising out there but I would also say it doesn't mean we don't need it completely.As a consumer I still need advertising because:1. I still need to tell which is the best brand, product or service for me.2. I still need a brand, a guide or something to make the choice easy as there is too much choice.3. I believe I have free will therefore I can chose whether I respond to advertising or not. (I actually believe I have 'free won't' as John Locke so eloquently put it ages ago).As a planner I don't want advertising pollution because:1. Too much advertising makes it difficult to stand out, therefore more interruptive techniques rise, therefore we add annoyance to nagging.2. Too much advertising for the same brand causes decay in effect.3. Too much un-inspiring advertising is insulting to a generation of audiences who believe that their own opinion supersedes that of God, Queen, Blair and Posh Spice.We need information to aid choice. Advertising is a form of information. But it is becomming more like the crying baby. It doesn't necessarily have to be traditional advertising but it needs to communicate to aid choice. Read a classic article on this Olins.'I need consumer information' was a line of graffiti sprayed on Dempf and Steinbrener lovely yellow work in Vienna a couple of days after it went up. Subverting the subvertisers. Love it.LeeAndDan Did an ad for VW that was subvertising in action. I wonder whether VW will ever admit to it though.

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