Super Bowl goes CGM

I am in NYC at the moment doing some groups. You can't be in NYC during Super Bowl and not fall over the talk about the bigger than movie budget ads they show here. However it is interesting that 'several' of the ads in this advertising block buster prime time, show time and for the first time ever featured ads that were either inspired by consumer generated media or done by consumers. Here's a short report. Interestingly a comment from Tim Calking a Kellog University marketing professor about this year's vintage was: 'This year's ads were a mixed bag with everyone playing it safe, no one was pushing the boundaries of creativity nor taste'. Funny that, if he is right, CGM then becomes one of those things that advertising people do for themselves not their audiences to show how 'in touch they are' - personally I didn't think much of the ads but then again, I am not American.