Big Ideas

everybody likes to talk about them. but few really know the differences between the different types of ideas and specially in the digital world. my take is that there are three types of ideas:1. Strategic. Sometimes known as a brand idea. This is the purest form and should be the backbone of all communications from a brand. e.g. Nike = Authentic Sport, IKEA = Democracy of Design, Diesel = Anti Fashion2. Creative. This is the creative interpretation of the strategic idea. e.g. Nike = Just do it, IKEA = Elite Designers Against IKEA (UK), Diesel = The Future. A musical we believe in (US),3. Executional. This is where media gadgets, creative techniques deliver 1 & 2. e.g. Nike = Run London, IKEA = Elite designer protest, Diesel = Spoof musicalHaving a definition or an agreed way of talking and identifying the types of ideas needed, specially in multi-agency and multi-diciplinary teams saves a lot of confusion and potential frustrations.

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