The light bulb & the candle light

The one image people associate with ideas is a light bulb. Sometimes a thunderbolt even the APG's logo is a light bulb. Reality is different. Not all ideas are born as a lightbulb or a thunderbolt most are born as a flickering candle light. To really make it come alive you have to cup your hands around it nurture it allow it to be heard and grow. How many agencies allow that nurturing to take place to really get the best of each idea on the table and allow enough time to flesh it out. A prominent MD of a top UK agency moaned to me recently about the fact that his agency has a fraction of the time it had before to come up with ideas and that the whole industry was suffering the same problem. Can we please defend our time. We need to because a brilliant idea is like a needle in a stack of needles it takes time and tlc to find the best one and make it come alive.

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