Disconnected, A book you should read

Barham has done an amazing job. He wrote a book from the edge. He traveled up and down the country to speak to teens on the outskirts of society. The chavs, cybers, goths ... the youth who are disillusioned and disconnected. He went where not many in the media world would dare go. He actually spoke to them, spent time with them and wrote about what he found out. His writing is honest, true and compelling. It tells an untold story about those on the edge. Nick gives a fresh and surprising perspective on these kids. He found that in the absence of inclusion in mainstream culture, parents, government and god the kids made their own rules, morals and codes. They have their own language, grammar, customs, sub groups and codes for behaviour. Most interestingly, they have a vibrant, original and fascinating creative side. Natural adopters of technology and fluent at harnessing it for their creative needs. Next time you see a chav he might have his own online photo gallery. This is a book about what happens when you exclude people ... they disconnect and inevitably create.

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