Big Brother & Behavioural Targeting.

There are some people who are against behavioural targeting online. They think it is a case of adware. I cannot understand their argument. Behavioural targeting profiles users, puts them into buckets of typical behaviour depending on their exposure, response, interaction with ads and only serves them executions that they are most likely to respond to. As a consumer I want to see relevant ads to me, so I don't understand the problem. With up to 1500 messages a day that a consumer is exposed to I would think relevance is a good thing. Probably the wider issue is that we have become generally paranoid about being watched in any shape or form. According to the Sunday Mirror Britain is covered by 4.2 million cameras, 1 for every 14 people, the average person is caught on film 300 times a day and London is the CCTV capital of the world.

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