Digital is the 'Truth' medium.

Mr Vucinic started an independent radio station in Belgrade in the early 90's because he believed less than 20% of the world's press is free to print or say what it wants. He founded Media Development Loan Fund which is helping foster free media in 17 countries. He also admits that his initiatives were long before the advent of google and the internet. I always maintained that online is the 'truth' medium at least for its comparative ability where you can compare what the BBC says with what the sun says right down to what militant websites say, (if you really wanted to). People flock online for information and news. It is the number one source of information to many people (and in many categories too e.g. cars). Rupert Murdoch agrees: "The next generation wants control over their media, instead of being controlled by it." This is a reality today Cyber Journalists were given press passes to the democratic convention during the US elections, and Oh My News in Korea the online news site is that country's 3rd largest news source and its reporters are real people not journalists. Online allows truth to be told because: 1.You can compare different sources, 2.You can hear the story from non-salaried agenda-less real people 3.You can interact with it for further clarification e.g. forums blogs. It all sounds pretty wonderful but some visions of the future might show a slight twist to this noble view of the medium, watch this EPIC film.

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