The next thing for planning

Planning has to move on. Account planners in ad agencies are obsessed with the creative message. Media planners are claiming 'accountability' more than their supposedly accountable account planner colleagues. Then there is digital and channel specific planners who may or may not want to play ball with the account planners and the media planners. Successful communications is about saying the right thing (acc planner), to the right person (account/media), at the right time (acc/media) and in the right place (media/discipline). Two choices really for the discipline to move on: 1. Hybrid planners who can do a bit of everything, 2. Collaboration in core teams of discipline experts. (Option 3 of-course is we stop talking to each other). Whichever way it develops I think the real art in the future of planning is not going to rely purely on brilliant creative ideas alone but the art of the planner is going to be in campaign structure. The real innovation is going to be in the infinite combinations of media, message and timing.

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