Life and a half and a minute

t.v. tells you to enjoy a life and a half, and a last minute e-mail invites you to blog every minute of your life and a half, and a last minute the free blog site takes two minutes to set up no one said life is perfect right… you can buy the book of last minute living of-course and there is a campaign microsite that takes the story deeper (as well as sell you a few holidays while you are there. looks like a well planned campaign from lastminute - great central idea uses traditional advertising, branded content, co-created content, ATL and e-mail, 'digi' buses. In particular they did a t.v. 'roadblock' where the 90 second version went on 80 channels at the same time. This is a technique used in online advertising glad to see that some inter-dicipline planners somewhere decided to talk to each other. Well done lads (and ladettes).