Ant Mentality (& Muscles).

These dozen or so ants are carrying a sweet approximately 50 times their body weight (each). …and this is not a flat surface… they are carrying it up a vertical wall. The reason humans can’t do the same is because they are full of … you guessed it… FAT While those active ants are nothing but pure muscle, and a few million eyes to see where they’re going… Now you might think this is a random connection, but this brilliant ad from Greenpeace about a proposed alien invasion of earth highlights how if people got toghether they can actually change their future. The whole strength in numbers thing. As much as I love the ads I just find it difficult to believe that people will get together like ants do or as Greenpeace are inviting us to. We are now far too individual and selfish for that. Combining the trends of Generation I with the Selfish Society makes collective action somewhat rare - unless there is a big nasty enemy of-course.