C'mmon Branson

Previously, Branson pledged huge amounts of money to fight global warming. Today it was announced that him and Stelious and some other Asian gizza are planning to launch the world's first global lo cost airline. Isn't this a bit hypocritical?


Ben Mason said...

With the onset of carbon trading on a massive scale, perhaps he pledged the Virgin Galactic profits to fight global warming exactly because he planned to increase long-haul air travel in the short-term. It seems to be the corporate social responsibility works on a balance basis; X is positive so we can get away with doing Y.

I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not.

speed said...

Ben, you are dead right about the balance sheet thing and I suspect that he is not the only one who operates / thinks like that. What I find difficult is this sort of corporate behaviour doesn't fool stakeholders and opinion makers, any FT journalist, environmentalist, or even a casual observer of the ecological dilemma will see that it is a balanced sheet aprroach to CSR...but as Ad Busters once said: 'If the earth had a balance sheet the CEO would be in jail by now'.