Generation I is an article that I wrote some time ago about a mindset in culture that of individualism. Generation I can be briefly summarised as Innovative, Inspired, Informed, Intelligent, Independent, Impulsive and very very I-solated. Some of the evidence: 50%+ of UK pop put personal fulfillment as #1 wish compared to 25% in 1985, 1 in 2 people research online before making a purchase and perfectly healthy people don't give up their seats to old people on the tube. Consider how brands communicate to this generation ... no surprises here: Where do you want to go today? - Microsoft Because I am worth it? - L'Oreal Whatever you want, just yell. - Yellow Pages Be all you can be - Various armies Everything we do is driven by you - Ford Hear what you like, when you like - Rex Records Visa - It is everywhere you want to be Your fragrance, your rules - Hugo Boss You can - Canon Make yourself heard - Ericsson I want my MTV Be the CEO of your life - Compaq and my personal favourite Screw yourself - IKEA Norway Clearly a well trodden strategy by most brands sucking up to the individualism of generation I but consider this: We are less happy than we've ever been in the west, we have the highest depression rates in the world and a recent study highlighted by Corentin showed that number of people the US without ANY friends has DOUBLED in the last 20 years. BELONGING. Maslow as well as a whole load of others (psychologists, neuroscientists, sciologists etc) confirmed that the things that actually make us happy are friends, family, partners and relationships. Which brands can you think of that provide, promise or work on this cultural, connection and funamentaly human social level? Here is a clue.