It's capitalism stupid.

Most people who have a problem with marketing or advertising often miss the point. It is simply the most visible and of-course designed to be the most attractive part of relentless capitalism. Capitalism built around growth and the mindless pursuit of above average profit is by far the real enemy here. Advertising is just a byproduct of a much bigger economic system that is only about profit. A glimmer of hope appears on the hot horizon though. The imperatives of the environment and the planet may very well force capitalism on the larger scale to change course from profit to plane and companies on the smaller scale will just have to be you guessed it ... more 'responsible'


Things I hate about my job.

1. It's about politics not planning at my level (or any level for that matter) 2. It's about screwing the consumer and spinning their head instead of giving them something meaningful. 3. It's pop culture but hardly culture. 4. Creatives who insist on being inspired by pop culture instead of creating their own. 5. Clients who are more worried about their position in the company than creating something amazing. 6. Living the lie which is worse than believing it. 7. People who do this job to fill deep insecurities about their talent or lack of attention they got when they were kids. 8. It's a fascinating business but it's still a business, some just think it's an excuse for a party. 9. The alternative careers using the same skills look like manna from heaven in the desert for the lost jews. 10. Maybe I don't have a problem with the communication business but the very nature of capitalism itself. More on that later.