Ok so I am on the tube wondering how come everyone on the carriage is listening to music with white earphones. Because it is simple, beautiful, it works and it's apple. Then I lift my eyes and I see this ad. For the first time in months I go online to check the URL of a site that I saw advertised - a mean feat for a busy bloke like me. And what did I get? A site that is totally, dedicated to take the p*** out of iPODS and the people who use them. Then of-course it turns out to be Scan Disk's apparently superior media player which is the alternative. Now this is interesting because: For David to beat Goliath Scan Disk (no-body) v Apple (Big buddy) Scan Disk had to be subversive and aim for the jugular. In fact if you were Scan Disk it's your only chance to create any dent in the consumer's mind. A good example of a challenger brand challenging not only the leader but a beloved leader. Apple however is unlikely to suffer that much from this subversive behavior few geeks, nerds and misfits may respond to Scan Disk's strategy but unlikely that there will be many of them to begin with. As in the case of any society, the moment you get a beloved leader there will always be a subversive element that think they can do better but the funny thing is even if they do succeed they end up in exactly the same position watch this fantastic film by some 18 year old Austrian kid who worked it all out beautifuly mindistortion.net (click movies then war).


I hate laggards.

Went into a biz dev meeting today and came out thinking that whenever you have a great innovative idea make sure you don't waste it on a client that waits for his competitors to do it first then follow them. There is no point inviting someone to drive a Porche when they are still learning to ride a horse.