Trust No One

So we have YouTube, WEB 2.0 and all that which is great for finding stuff out and finding the truth but as this example shows under the veil of information and sharing comes the opportunity to pull the wool over people's eyes. It's ok if you laugh at it / with it but what it does is it makes it very difficult overall to trust anyone online. I wonder how many people on WEB 2.0 have spoof detectors on all the time? What might appear as a harmless video blog about a lonely young girl can turn out to be Blair Witch style promo for an upcoming teen film. Now if you think that "Lonelygirl15" is really locked up in her bedroom by her strict parents and can't have fun then think again. Sucker -:) - full story in Brand Republic (she is 20 year old film graduate not a lonely 15 year old in need of friends.

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