Gabi on your arm.

Technology doesn't turn me on, humanity does. The big danger for those working in digital media is to get caught up in the wonders of technology and what it can technically do. I am more fascinated by what people do with the technology. As a great planner John Grant once said, It is not what you do, it is what they do with what you do. Although he was talking about brands this equally applies to technology. Part of Vodaphone's futures is this arm band that communicates your current physical condition with 'Gaby'your Swedish personal trainer who you can choose to interact with to recommend your next exercise or activity. This is just an example of the simple thought that technology may evolve dramatically but humanity pretty much stays the same. Just imagine if the title of this post was 'Vodafone predicts the use of interactive wrist bands to control health and exercise regimes' ... Gripping.

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