You've heard it here first

In my entry on Porn below I suggested that Public Pornographic Performances may be just one of the things that we may see influenced by the substantial number of porn junkies online etc. The London Paper has published research with YouGov outlining some interesting stats about sex in the city: 17% of males had sex in the office, 36% of males and 34% of females have been unfaithful to their partners and an astonishing 36% of males apparently had sex in public (only 25% of females admitted to that-:) naturally the story was about a couple in their late twenties having full on sex in full on public view. Only about 36% may admit to such behaviour but I wonder if underneath this: - sex is no longer a private act and closer to a performance act, - sexual performance is somehow become part of the typical bragging rights; big cars, big job, big knob culture Nothing is new here really, it has always been like that I guess -:)

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