Insecurity the sinister side of Insight

I was having a debate with somebody on insights and what do we really really look for as planners when we are looking into audiences. It occurred to me and much to my own shame that one of my dirty tricks for coming up with decent insights is to look for the insecurities in the audience I am planning for. For example I am working on a youth brand and I ended up looking for teen insecurities such as their lack of confidence to really be independent from their parents and the fact that their cocky attitude is nothing but a front for their lack of confidence and in that I found a role for this brand to challenge and support them in their quest for true independence from their parents and implicitly encouraging them to turn against their parents all knowing control. Perhaps I shouldn't be too hard on my self I mean any candy brand or even the purest of the pure dove is actually playing on people's insecurities.

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